A Marijuana Lovers Guide to Kava

When recreational marijuana use was legalized in Oregon back in 2014, pot proponents throughout the state and the U.S. rejoiced. Not only would Oregon join Colorado and neighboring Washington in the growing movement of ending the decades long prohibition of marijuana in the U.S., the legislation would also enable adults in the state to enjoy…

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The Best Tongan Kavas Are Coming!

Introducing Kula & Akau Tongan Kava When it comes to cultivating some of the world’s finest kava, few places can produce such complex and enticing varieties better than Tonga. That’s why we are so excited to announce the addition of two new Tongan kavas to our Bula Kava House menu. Tongan kava farmers today have…

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Earth Day – Looking Out For The Future

As Earth Day approaches on April 22nd, our team at Bula Kava House wants to take a moment to appreciate the birth of the modern environmental movement that began back in 1970. Founded by then U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson, the idea behind Earth Day was to create public awareness about pressing environmental issues that faced…

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Fiji’s Gold Medal Win Brings Nation Together


When the Fiji men’s Olympic rugby Sevens team defeated Great Britain by a commanding score of 43-7 in the final at Deodoro Stadium in Rio it marked the nation’s first ever Olympic medal. The historic win set off a wave of celebration that caused the entire country to stand up and cheer. Businesses closed for…

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The Science Behind Kava’s Anti-anxiety Claims

kava drink makes you dance!

As those who visit Bula’s kava bar in Portland or order from our online store already know, drinking kava offers a number of healthy benefits. From reducing tension and stress to relieving anxiety, kava consumption can offer immediate and lasting benefits to those willing to give kava tea and supplements a chance. While fans of…

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As Vanuatu Recovers, Future Disasters a Growing Risk

Even as Vanuatu recovers from Cyclone Pam, the country faces increased risk of future storms caused by global climate change. Earlier this year on March 13, Cyclone Pam, a category 5 storm, hit Vanuatu, affecting the lives of over 188,000 people and leaving 11 dead. Shortly after the devastating storm hit, Vanuatu’s president made an international appeal for support to help the small island nation recover.

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Cyclone Pam Vanuatu Relief Efforts

Bula Kava House helping Vanuatu

Vanuatu has been called the happiest country on earth. I had the opportunity to visit this South Pacific island nation a few years ago, and although I don’t know how to quantify happiness, I can tell you that when I arrived, I encountered the friendliest, most selfless and giving people I’ve ever met. Many Ni-Vanuatu…

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A Celebration to Behold: The Secrets of the Rom Dance

kava Dance

On the volcanic island of Ambrym, in the South Pacific archipelago nation of Vanuatu, July brings about the annual yam harvest. On many of the islands in Vanuatu, the yam has special significance and plays a vital role in ceremonies like weddings and as a symbolic gift. To celebrate the yearly harvest, villages across Ambrym…

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Remembering Roi Mata, the Last Great Chief of Vanuatu

As part of Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month, we’re turning the Bula blog back in time to celebrate one of the founding fathers of Vanuatu culture, Roi Mata. History records Roi Mata as a powerful Melanesian chief during the 13th century from an island that is now part of Vanuatu. While Roi Mata’s reign was believed…

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John Frum Day


Nestled at the foot of the sacred mountain Yasur, on the island of Tanna, sits the village of Lamakara where a very American celebration takes place on February 15. Here men will dress in uniforms that resemble those worn by U.S. soldiers during the Second World War as they march through the streets toting sticks…

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