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What The Current Kava Shortage Means For Our Customers

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At Bula Kava House, we pride ourselves on offering customers the highest quality kava at the lowest prices, and we remain committed to providing exceptional value to those who buy kava online or who stop by our Portland kava bar. As many of our valued regulars in the kava community may already know, kava demand…

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Update – Bula Kava House Rewards Program

Bula Kava House would like to thank all of our loyal customers for joining our rewards program! The Bula Kava House Rewards program is still continuing but with some updates to the rewards. Read on to learn what the new changes are: What changes this month for Bula Kava Rewards? We are happy to announce…

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FAQs – Bula Kava House Rewards Program

Bula Kava House would like to thank all of our loyal customers for joining our rewards beta program back in November! The Bula Kava House Loyalty Rewards program is still continuing – and today, we’re here to answer some questions we’ve heard from our customers. How do I join Bula Kava Rewards? Customers with store…

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It’s Hard To Tell How Strong Your Drink Is

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At Bula Kava House, patrons of our Portland kava bar know that we believe moderation is important when enjoying a coconut shell of your favorite kava root or when having a drink out. The idea of moderation becomes especially important with New Year’s Eve right around the corner. However, due to the rising alcohol levels…

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Your Invitation to the new Bula Kava Rewards Loyalty Program!

Earn loyalty points for every purchase and gain special rewards. We invite you to join Bula Kava Rewards (Beta) – a program exclusively available to loyal Bula customers like you – and enjoy savings on your favorite kava products. Sign up today on our website and get 100 welcome points! Earning loyalty points is easy!…

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Share Your Love For Kava!

Your Illustrated Infographic Guide To Kava Do you know someone who wants to try kava? Maybe you have friends who are curious about kava but don’t know much about it. Share this handy infographic with them! Our team at Bula Kava House created this illustrated guide to kava to educate interested beginners and to be a…

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Bula House Kava Testing

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With the negative perception of tudei kava with some in the kava research community, we are happy to have a hand in the promotion of the growing of noble kavas in Vanuatu. We understand that if we demand it, they will grow more. In the long term that will mean a healthy supply of noble…

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A Brief History Of Kava

Around 40,000 years ago, humans started living in the areas now known as New Guinea and Australia. As time progressed, these early explorers increased their range to the southern Pacific islands. Most historians generally agree that kava, made from the Piper methysticum plant, was first grown on the islands of Vanuatu starting around 3,000 years…

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Bula Celebrates Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month

May is Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month, a celebration of the rich cultural traditions and heritages of Asian and Pacific island nations in the U.S. While Asian-Pacific seems like a fairly expansive term, it signifies the entire Asian continent and the Pacific island nations of Vanuatu, Fiji, New Guinea, New Caledonia, the Solomon Islands and a…

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Vanuatu Journey: Part One

root kava and land diving

I finally got around to putting down some of the happenings during my recent journey to Vanuatu. Here is part one of that story: “What kind of kava bar owner has never been to the motherland of kava use and cultivation?” I asked myself in January of 2012. This simple question set in motion the…

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Kava Safety Continued

A new report by the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) confirms that kava consumption is not dangerous to your health. We were well aware already, but a little scientific backup never hurts. What’s actually dangerous is consuming mold, which can manifest in kava root and ground kava that is not stored properly. When kava is…

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Kava Safety

natural anxiety relief

Getting into the business of selling a new mood altering product such as kava, I know that there will be concerns with regards to its safety. I figure that now, on our blog, is as good a time as any to begin addressing some of those concerns. My Informal Legal Disclaimer It is important to…

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