What Does Science Tell Us About Kava?

kava plant

At Bula Kava House, we celebrate all things kava, including the wild and often mysterious origin of our favorite plant. If you read our Bula blog, you know that the origin of kava varies depending on which kava-producing country you visit. In Fiji, kava comes from a father’s sacrifice, while in Vanuatu it was bestowed…

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Kava Buying 101

When you buy kava online from Bula, you can feel confident knowing that we rigorously test every batch of kava that we sell. We do this to protect our customers and the farmers whose kava we purchase. Kava always varies in strength and quality, but it should never present a health risk to anyone, so…

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5 Reasons You Should Visit a Kava Bar

At our Portland kava bar, we love to see the familiar faces of our regular customers. If you’ve only enjoyed kava from the comfort of your home, you’re missing out on the different experiences available to you by visiting a nakamal (the traditional name for a kava bar in Vanuatu). Whether you’re a kava connoisseur…

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Bula Opening a New Location in Downtown Vancouver

When Bula owner Judd Rench first opened his kava bar in Southeast Portland in 2011, he wanted to share his passion for kava with his hometown community in the Pacific Northwest. Now, nearly 11 years later, Judd’s kava journey continues with the expansion of a second Bula Kava House location in downtown Vancouver, WA. Judd’s…

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Exploring New Year’s Traditions in the South Pacific

No matter where you go in the world, everyone loves a good party. And few occasions elicit the type of giddy celebration as New Year’s Eve. Here in the U.S., the countdown to the new year usually involves large crowds of people gathered together eagerly awaiting the stroke of midnight. Whether on the streets of…

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Judd’s Journeys – Kava Traditions From Around the World

where to buy kava

At Bula Kava House, we celebrate the rich kava drinking traditions that take place around the globe. From our Portland kava bar to the nakamals of Vanuatu, Bula’s own Judd Rench has had the opportunity to experience some of the varied traditions that encompass the ceremony that surrounds drinking this sacred beverage. Most kava drinking…

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Experience the Wonders of the Solomon Islands

Celebrate the Solomon Islands by receiving 15% off on Feo Kava with any purchase of Temo Kava.  The Solomon Islands offer an ideal location to visit for anyone looking to enjoy an adventurous vacation. While the sandy beaches of the Solomon Islands belong to a world class resort, you won’t find any five-star hotels on…

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Successfully Growing Kava a True Labor of Love

buying kava online

If you’ve tried buying kava online over the last year, you may have noticed that kava supplies are painfully low. At Bula Kava House, we’ve had to search the world over to find our customers the type of quality kava they’ve come to expect from our online store and at our Portland kava bar. To…

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Kava Farmer Interview

What helps separate the exceptional kavas produced in Vanuatu from other areas of the world is the long and honored tradition kava cultivation plays in Vanuatuan culture. Often passed down from one generation to the next, Ni-Vanuatu have developed and refined growing techniques that enable farmers to produce hearty crops of potent kava year after…

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Growing Kava in the South Pacific

Exceptional kava has a lot in common with exceptionally fine wine. The essence of both wine and kava come from careful cultivation and a dedication to detail. It takes years before either grape vines or kava plants are ready for harvest. When finally plucked from the earth, the flavors and characteristics of both depend exclusively…

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July Marks a Month Long Celebration in Fiji

While summer officially starts a few weeks earlier, for many people the Fourth of July marks the beginning of the season. Fireworks, festivals, and live music provide all of the motivation many people need to get out of the house, enjoy the weather, and have some much needed fun. July has the reputation as a…

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Introducing Feo – Solomon Islands Kava That Packs a Punch

feo kava

Kava plays such an important role in so many different cultures around the world. By drinking kava, you can experience some small part of those cultures in places far removed from where the kava originated. Yet despite whatever the distance, the effort, care, and craft that goes into cultivating kava remains. This provides kava enthusiasts…

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