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Insight on Kava from Holistic Health Coach, Kerry Mann

Bula Kava House is a place you might initially go to just for the kava, but many people keep coming back because of the nice social atmosphere. There are many regulars who come in daily to hang out with friends or just to get work done (like a Starbucks, but with more of an organic-friendly atmosphere).…

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Melo Melo is Back in Stock at Bula Kava House!

Bula Kava House Online Store

Like a good friend who’s moved away, you sometimes don’t appreciate a truly great kava until it’s gone. That’s why we’re so excited to announce that Melo Melo Kava Powder is once again back on our Bula Kava House kava menu, while supplies last. A noble kava from the islands of Vanuatu, Melo Melo offers…

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Dive into Nangol Noble Savings with Bula Kava House

Nangol Landing Diving Ceremony

Nangol: The Origin of Bungee Jumping? In the southern part of Pentecost Island in Vanuatu, April marks the beginning of the yam harvest season. Each year from April through June, the people of Pentecost Island harvest this important crop that provides both sustenance and a good for trade. To ensure they enjoy a bountiful crop,…

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Now Available: Bula Kava House Certificates of Analysis

In our ongoing effort to provide the highest possible quality kava root, Bula Kava House is pleased to announce that we are now publishing the Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each of our kava varietals. You can find links to these COAs on our Kava Testing Policy Page and within the product pages on our…

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Introducing The Bula Private Reserve Collection: Leka Hina

As long-time kava connoisseurs know, Bula Kava House always strives to provide our customers with the best, most exotic kavas possible. Bula owner Judd Rench works tirelessly traveling across the globe in an effort to find some of the world’s rarest and most potent kavas. Thanks to some extraordinary local partnerships Judd has developed, Bula…

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The Best Tongan Kavas Are Coming!

Introducing Kula & Akau Tongan Kava When it comes to cultivating some of the world’s finest kava, few places can produce such complex and enticing varieties better than Tonga. That’s why we are so excited to announce the addition of two new Tongan kavas to our Bula Kava House menu. Tongan kava farmers today have…

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Earth Day – Looking Out For The Future

As Earth Day approaches on April 22nd, our team at Bula Kava House wants to take a moment to appreciate the birth of the modern environmental movement that began back in 1970. Founded by then U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson, the idea behind Earth Day was to create public awareness about pressing environmental issues that faced…

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Introducing Taveuni Waka & ‘Ava Fagaloa Kava

Judd’s Latest South Pacific Adventure With the demand for kava increasing in recent years, the current available supply of mature kava has dwindled. Some of our favorite Bula Kava House suppliers have increased their prices, while also cutting back on the amount of kava they have available. Once a grower exhausts their kava supplies, a…

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What The Current Kava Shortage Means For Our Customers

buy kava online

At Bula Kava House, we pride ourselves on offering customers the highest quality kava at the lowest prices, and we remain committed to providing exceptional value to those who buy kava online or who stop by our Portland kava bar. As many of our valued regulars in the kava community may already know, kava demand…

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Update – Bula Kava House Rewards Program

Bula Kava House would like to thank all of our loyal customers for joining our rewards program! The Bula Kava House Rewards program is still continuing but with some updates to the rewards. Read on to learn what the new changes are: What changes this month for Bula Kava Rewards? We are happy to announce…

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