Introducing The Bula Private Reserve Collection: Leka Hina

As long-time kava connoisseurs know, Bula Kava House always strives to provide our customers with the best, most exotic kavas possible. Bula owner Judd Rench works tirelessly traveling across the globe in an effort to find some of the world’s rarest and most potent kavas.

Thanks to some extraordinary local partnerships Judd has developed, Bula has been able to consistently supply our customers with premium noble kava even during this current global shortage. Now, it’s with great excitement that we proudly announce the first addition to our new Bula Private Reserve collection– Leka Hina.

Introducing The Bula Private Reserve Collection: Leka Hina

We could not be more excited to bring this exceptional Tongan kava to our loyal Bula Kava House customers. Leka Hina is a noble and limited edition Tongan kava that’s incredibly rare and offers a unique experience for kava enthusiasts. As a Bula Private Reserve kava, Leka Hina meets our exacting standards for highlighting only the rarest, most maturely aged and desirable kava varieties in the world. Leka Hina’s rarity comes from a very slow growth cycle. Once harvested, the root of this plant yields only a small amount of usable kava powder. Combine these traits together and you have a kava that’s a true labor of love to produce.

Fortunately, Leka Hina proves worth the effort and wait, as it ranks as the strongest kava grown in Tonga. The supply we have arriving on as part of the Bula Private Reserve collection starting today is from 5-year-old kava plants. Most kava plants grown in any region are typically allowed to mature between 3 to 3 ½ years prior to harvest. However, the longer a kava is allowed to mature, the more potent it becomes. The additional time Leka Hina is allowed to mature provides this kava with an incredibly well-balanced potency that can’t be adequately described, only experienced.

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A Tongan Kava Like No Other

If you’ve enjoyed Kula and Akau from our kava menu, you’ll definitely need to try Leka Hina while supplies last. Like these two premium varieties, Leka Hina meets the reputation Tongan kavas have for providing a “heady” euphoria that helps relieve tension. Leka Hina is the perfect kava to enjoy after a long day at work or school, and offers a great way to reduce stress and relax.

In Tonga, all special occasions are marked by drinking kava, including the crowning of a new king. If ever there was a kava fit for a king, it’s Leka Hina. So even if you’re not invited to the next coronation, you can still feel like a king by enjoying this one-of-a-kind kava. Don’t wait! Supplies are incredibly limited.

Due to the incredibly high demand for Tongan kava during this global shortage, Leka Hina marks the last of the 5-year kavas cultivated by our growing partner. In fact, we doubt we’ll be seeing Tongan kava this mature hitting the market again until after the global kava shortage has come to an end. Get your supply of Leka Hina now as once it’s gone, it’s not coming back.

The Bula Private Reserve Collection

We’re pleased to announce the release of the Bula Private Reserve collection. The Bula Private Reserve collection contains kavas individually selected by Judd for their potency, rarity, purity, and incredible quality. These are some of the world’s best kavas that you will not find anywhere but on the Bula online kava menu. 

When you see the specially designed Bula Kava Reserve packaging, you’ll know that the kava inside will provide an unforgettable drinking experience. Complex flavors, heady potency, and a desireable kavalactone profile are all hallmarks of the kavas found in the Bula Private Reserve collection. Leka Hina marks the first kava released under this exciting new brand, but future kavas are coming soon. If you’re a kava connoisseur who only drinks the best, then the Bula Private Reserve is for you.

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Strong Partnerships Lead to Exceptional Kava

Sometimes, if lucky enough, you can stumble onto a true hidden gem of a kava. However, on the incredible rare occasions when it seem fated to be, an incredible kava can find you. Fate seemed to play an important role in how our owner, Judd Rench, discovered Leka Hina when traveling across Tonga in search of new kava growing partners.

A little over a year ago, Judd traveled to Tonga looking to develop new partnerships with local growers. The demand for Tongan kava has led many growers to start harvesting their crops earlier and earlier. This has made it increasingly difficult to find kava plants older than 2 years right now from Tonga.

After spending time in the Tongan capital of Nuku’alofa talking to kava suppliers about what was currently available, Judd decided to take a ferry to a neighboring island.

Walking down an isolated dirt road, a local woman traveling with a Peace Corps volunteer pulled up and asked Judd if he’d like a ride. Happy to see a friendly face, Judd accepted. As the travelers got to know each other, the conversation eventually turned to why Judd was in Tonga. When the topic of kava came up, Judd was surprised to discover that the local driver actually grew her own kava. She invited Judd to her home where he examined her small crop of excellent kava. While the farmer’s crop wasn’t intended for export, she was happy to refer Judd to another kava farmer on the island who had a much larger farm.

After arranging to meet this grower, Judd had a chance to visit his farm and talk about his kava cultivating philosophies. The rich, healthy soil and warm climate makes this particular island a perfect place to grow kava. Judd was also impressed by the grower’s practices and principles. Unlike many other Tongan growers Judd has met, this particular farmer refused to add stems to his kava crop to increase the yield.

Eventually the conversation turned to a small batch of kava called Leka Hina the grower was cultivating but reluctant to harvest. A german scientist interested in kava for pharmaceutical products had suggested that the Tongan farmers only grow Leka Hina because of its high and desirable kavalactone profile. Unfortunately, Leka Hina is exceptionally hard to grow and produces very little usable kava when matured and harvested, so farmers are reluctant.

After nearly a year emailing back-and-forth, our new growing partner finally agreed to harvest and sell his supply of Leka Hina exclusively to Bula Kava House. This was great news, not only because it allows Bula to introduce Leka Hina to our loyal customers, but also because of the opportunity this partnership represents to work with such an exceptional grower. Our grower partner is possibly the most experienced grower in all of Tonga. He uses techniques to grow Leka Hina that have been passed down through generations, ensuring the love and dedication needed to produce an amazing product.

Tongan kava farmers have developed the global reputation for producing some of the best kava in the South Pacific. This makes demand for Tongan kava incredibly high, especially among many European distributors. While this high demand makes it difficult for many U.S. distributors to successfully purchase quality Tongan kava, the relationship established with this grower has allowed Judd to secure a limited supply of Leka Hina for our Bula Kava House menu.

Leka Hina is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for any kava connoisseur. Take advantage of this remarkable kava today while supplies last. Trust us when we say you don’t want to miss out, and check back soon to the Bula Blog as we announce future release dates for Bula Private Reserve kavas.

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